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Let's Talk About

For many episode, Geoff Neil and I have sat down and chatted about all things Spectrum. Over the years it's hard to remember what we have talked about, and as viewers ask us to mentioned things often already talked about, here is a complete list of all subjects.

Episode Subject
60Test session. Brief history.
61Computer shop memories.
62Android 2 - the game.
63New hardware part 1.
64New hardware part 2.
65Retro events.
66Old hardware.
68The Spectrum Next - Back or not?.
69Gauntlet 3 - the game.
70Completing games. Jetpac with Defender sound. Type-in memories.
73Computer history.
79Arcade conversions.
80Games we got for Xmas.
81Games we'd like to see on the Next.
82Disappointing & impressive games.
83Most wanted peripheral. Computer TV shows.
84Crash issue 10.
85Type-in memories.
86Your Sinclair issue 13.
87Bandersnatch (Black Mirror).
88Easter eggs.
91The Spectrum Next
92Cassette inlay art.
93Patreon quickies.
94Games we can't play.
95Game writing.
96Twitter questions 1.
97Twitter questions 2.
98Patreon Questions.
99Online prices.


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We are always looking for new subjects to talk about. If you have anything you would like us to discuss that is Spectrum related, please get in touch.