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Episode 100 plus Post Show - 30th Nov 2020

Yes, we made it! Episode 100 of The Spectrum Show is now love along with the Patreon only Post Show 100. In this mega episode I look at the VTX5000 and get my Spectrum online plus a mammoth Pacman clone shootout. There's loads more..

New Game: Castle of Dr Game - 25th Nov 2020

The evil Dr Game has set out on a mission to steal all of the classic video games from the world, and keep them locked in his castle for only himself to enjoy.

Every cabinet, every motherboard and every ROM has started to vanish from the world as he slowly gathers his collection together.

Patreon Video: Computer Choice - 19th Nov 2020

Join me on a flick through an issue of Computer Choice magazine from 1984. 
This is only available to my Patrons on my Patreon page.


Other News

Patreon Video: Episode 99 Post Show
2nd Nov 2020

The post show looks back at the last episode and provides comments, musings and behind the scenes footage. There are also updates on what I've been up to over the last 4 weeks plus other Spectrum goodness.

This is only available to my Patrons on my Patreon page.


The Spectrum Show Episode 99
31st Oct 2020

Episode 99 is now live. This episode features a look at K-Tel and their games games. I review both versions of Street Hawk and the new game Coloco. There is also the usual chat and other Spectrum goodness.

Patreon - Exclusive Game: 23rd Oct 2020
Patreon supporters are getting an exclusive download of my new game, Castle Of Dr Game. Written using a new AGD variant called AGD Mini, this game is a little experiment to see what it can do. The video explains it all and provides a link to download ahead of the public release in a few weeks.

Patreon Video - Mystery Tapes: 15th Oct 2020
A new video has been posted on my Patreon channel.
A friend recently sent me some tapes he found in his loft. The tapes he used to store Spectrum things on. In this video I load them up and find what secrets are on them, and what he was doing 35 years ago.

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 31: 5th Oct 2020
Issue 31 of The Spectrum Show Magazine is now available. Lots of great features and some new contributors too. Go and grab yourself a copy. Why not write a review too? I am always looking for material.

Episode 98 Live: 26th Sep 2020
The Spectrum Show Episode 98 is now live. Lots of goodies in this one including a look at the DK'Tronics Three Channel Sound Interface. Gryzor get a review, so does Tarzan Goes Ape and the new game Bonnie & Clyde. 

Patreon Video - My BASIC Games: 20th Sep 2020
A new video has been posted on my Patreon channel - In it I play a few of my old BASIC games from the 80s and 90s. 
Thank you to all my Patreon supporters.

Patreon Video - Play Manchester 2014: 10th Sep 2020
A new video has been posted on my Patreon channel - Play Manchester 2014. In this video I look back at the Play event held at Event City ion Manchester. This type of archive footage often gets posted on my Patreon channel, so keep an eye out for more like it. Thank you to all my Patreon supporters.

Patreon Video - Post Show 97: 2nd Sep 2020
A new video has been posted on my Patreon channel - Post Show 97. These Post Shows are short segments reflecting on the last released episode and contain thoughts, behind the scenes footage and updates on future projects.

A-Z List of Games: 31st Aug 2020
I have added a full A-Z of every game reviewed on the shows. I have also included hardware and arcade shootouts.

To search for a game, most browsers allow you to do CTRL + F and search the text on the page.
Access link can be found from the Episode Guide page.

The Spectrum Show Episode 97 Live: 29th Aug 2020
In this episode I check out Cheetah  Soft and their games, plus reviews of Smash TV and Sidewize.

Full contents in the episode guides.

New Patreon Video 28th Aug 2020
I have just posted a new Patreon video over on my Patreon page. 

Friday Night Gaming. I get out the DK'Tronics Keyboard and play a few old favourites including Fred from Quicksilva and 3D Starstrike from Realtime Software. A fun night for all my supporters.

Check out my Patreon page

New Website 12th Aug 2020
Look here then, we have a new website!

Yes I know it's a standard 'websitebuilder' thing, but the previous one was getting too troublesome to update and it was increasing in size when it really didn't need to. The old site was also not responsive and with so many young folk having these fancy gadgets, I thought it best to cater for them. I set about stripping out a lot of things (mainly features) and getting it back to just a support site for the show.

There may be a few things that don't work yet, so feel free to tell me via the contact form (yes we finally have a web site with a proper contact form!).

27th July 2020
I have set up an Instagram account and will be adding original ZX Spectrum related images for your viewing pleasure.
I have loads of images that I have used for the various features and reviews, some not seen before, and I thought it would be good to get them out to you.
All images I will be posting are my own. Taken by myself over the last ten years or so. I will not be posting images from other sites or anywhere else for that matter.
The content will range from software, hardware, the machines and add-ons.

You can find my content on Instagram - search for zxspectrumpaul.


Even Older News

The Spectrum Show 96 Live
25th July 2020
The Transform keyboard gets re-built and tested, plus the usual game reviews and chat.

The Spectrum Show 95 Live
27th June 2020
We look at the story and game of Pimania, plus the usual reviews and chat.

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 29
11th May 2020
Issue 29 is now live and ready for free download. This issue includes a special about C-Tech Software, plus the usual reviews and features.