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Kyd Cadet (2010)

Kyd, the intrepid young Space Cadet, was on his way to his very first mission when he suddenly realised that he hadn’t refuelled before leaving the space port.

Our hero must now search the dangerous complex for the required amount of fuel without upsetting the crazed droids; his life depended on it.

Download Kyd Cadet



Kyd Cadet II (2010)

Kyd Cadet II follows on from the first instalment but you do not have to play that first.

As Kyd blasts off after refuelling on the abandoned mining planet, he can at last continue with his first mission. An important space dignitary, Pobbleflu, has been kidnapped and taken to a nearby planet by his captors. As they bargain for higher and higher ransoms, Kyd is sent in to rescue him unseen.

Download Kyd Cadet II

Chopper Drop (2011)

It’s a tough life being a chopper pilot. Day in, day out, you have to pick up crates and drop them onto the lorry ready for delivery.

Time is short however, and you only get so long for each load. Don’t take too long or you’ll be fired.

Download Chopper Drop



Space Disposal (2011)
The amount of space junk floating around has become a major concern, especially the huge amounts that manage to get through planetary atmospheres without burning up. This debris is largely ignored by the planets responsible and so out of this mess grew a new lucrative industry.

Space Disposal Corporation was set up to clear away unwanted and potentially dangerous space waste for those planets rich enough to pay for its services.

Download Space Disposal


Broken Friend (2012)
Fleg was a young scamp, always getting into scrapes and having adventures, but his most favourite thing was to play on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Now it was broken and he needed to get it fixed so he could return to some good old classic gaming.

Download Broken Friend



Bounty (2012)
The galaxy is a rough place and the overstretched Galactic Law Enforcement need as much help as they can get. They of course draw the line at vigilantes, but authorised Bounty Hunters are tolerated.

Bounty hunting is one of the careers with the shortest life expectancy and only drifters, drunks and mad men take it up with the hope of getting lucky.

Download Bounty


Toofy In Fan Land (2012)
Oh no! Someone has stolen all Toofy’s nuts and scattered them in a strange and mysterious maze in the weird and distant Fan Land. Toofy must have his nuts and so sets off to Fan Land to retrieve them.

When he gets there though, his world is turned upside-down – literally!

Download Toofy In Fan Land



Antiquity Jones (2012)
In a dusty room, deep beneath the university, Jones was tidying away some papers when he suddenly became aware of someone else in the room. A mystery figure sends our hero in search of an ancient artefact.

Download Antiquity Jones




Toofy's Winter Nuts (2013)
Brrrrr it’s getting cold and winter is racing towards us. Toofy needs to collect enough nuts to make it through but the nasty squirrels have raided his store and stolen them.

Guide Toofy as he tries to reclaim his nuts and survive the winter.

Download Tooy's Winter Nuts




Kyd Cadet III (2014)
The third in the Kyd Cadet series takes our young hero into new territory. No more nice guy, Kyd is now fully trained and ready for action.

The Eyeburx home planet is being attacked by an unknown intelligence, and Kyd Cadet has been sent to investigate.

Download Kyd Cadet III



BaldyZX (2014)
It's finally here, the Spectrum version of my 1992 Amiga PD game, Baldy. It has taken a while and many, many attempts, so I am pleased to finally release the game to the public.

Before you jump in and download it, please remember this is not meant to push Arcade Game Designer to the limits, it is not meant to do anything different and it is not meant to impress. It is simply a re-creation of the Amiga game.

Download BaldyZX


Deep Core Raider (2016)
The universe is huge, the planets and moons numerous and the minerals hidden therein possible unlimited.

It is little wonder then, that evolved species value these commodities highly, and that many people set off in search of riches.

Download Deep Core Raider



Deep Core Raider Plus (2016)
An improved and updated version of the original free game, this can be purchased on real media from Cronosoft. Visit the website here.

Some of my other games are also available to buy.





Toofy In Fanland Plus (2016)

Totally re-written with extra rooms and sprites. This much improved and expanded game can be purchased from Cronosoft on real media.

Rediscovered Realms (2017)
This compilation features four text adventure games that have been converted from my old 1980's BASIC into a more modern form. Now using the same engine as Bounty, these games can be played again, laughed at, enjoyed or hated.

Along with the games there is also a companion guide that outlines the conversion, provides instructions and includes bonus material.

Download the full package


Code Zero (2017)
2077: The human race has stripped the planet clean. All power is now supplied by a single conglomerate – DCR Inc.

Renewable energies were not enough to cope with demand. Nuclear energy became mainstream and a new isotope was identified and quickly introduced into production. By the time DCR realised the danger it was too late.

Download Code Zero


B-Squared (2017)
Welcome to B-Squared. A game of fun and squareness. Guide your square around 31 screens to complete the game.

Avoid the nasties, watch out for moving floors and use the switches to help you.

Your square can only jump upwards, so watch out of the evil spikes above!

Download B-Squared



Grumpy Santa (2017)
This game was written in three days as a challenge to myself - so don't expect miracles!

Santa wants to get on with the present delivery so he can get back and get drunk. His wife though has other ideas, and sends him to the get the presents stolen by the evil Snowmen and their sidekicks, the nasty elves.

Download Grumpy Santa


ROVR (2018)
As part of an exclusive team, you are sent into the deserts of ancient Egypt in search of vast treasures. Although you are happy to assist the boffins and their research, for you the aim of the trip is to make money.

During a quiet day, you trek into the nearby desert carrying your ROVR unit. The Remote Operated Vehicle for Recovery is ideal to get into tight passages and narrow halls, and even better to grab the treasure that may be within.

Download ROVR


Toofy's Nutty Nightmare (2020)
Back in 2016, the Vega+ was a hot thing, and the producers were looking for games to be supplied with it. Owning the original Vega, I offered a few of my existing games along with an exclusive title; Toofy's Nutty Nightmare.

I re-discovered it (after wiping the Vega+ saga from my mind) in April 2020, and with a few adjustments, I decided to release it.

Toofy 3 does not set the gaming world alight, it was designed as a simple jump/collect game for a small screen.

Download Toofy's Nutty Nightmare



Castle of Dr Game (2020)

The evil Dr Game has set out on a mission to steal all of the classic video games from the world, and keep them locked in his castle for only himself to enjoy.

Every cabinet, every motherboard and every ROM has started to vanish from the world as he slowly gathers his collection together.

Gamers are angry, and have sent you to the castle to get them back so humanity can once again enjoy these classics.

Dr Game has locked the games deep inside his sinister castle; a maze of rooms, passages and locked doors. Some of the rooms he has made to look like the games he has already collected, so be prepared as you venture inside.

Download Castle of Dr Game



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